We’ve seen people practicing yoga showing up on TV commercials,  shows and movies for a while now, usually with more comedic and less introspective results. (Remember Jason Segal’s handstand scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall?) While it’s common to see a yoga scene in a movie or on TV (think farts, getting stuck in poses, and phones going off) it’s less common that a show makes yoga an integral part of the premise.

It seems those days are soon behind us. Maybe you’ve heard about Yoga Hosers, an upcoming comedy-horror movie featuring two yoga-loving teens (played by Johnny Depp’s and Kevin Smith’s daughters) who presumably will save the day when an “evil presence” threatens their “major party plans.” Not sure how yoga factors in exactly, but the girls are described as convenience store clerks turned “yoga superheros.” Your guess is as good as mine.

And then there’s Amazon Studio’s pilot episode of the could-be series, “Down Dog.” This might be the first TV show to dedicate itself entirely to depicting (and satirizing) the world of Western yoga. According to the Studio: “A handsome, carefree yoga instructor has breezed through life, women, and jobs, but when he breaks up with his girlfriend—who’s also his partner at their successful yoga studio—he’s forced to face reality for the first time. A satirical look at LA’s yoga culture that stars Josh Casaubon (I Just Want My Pants Back), Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds), and Kris Kristofferson (Lone Star).”

The pilot stars “rock star” studio owner and teacher, Logan. He’s the son of a marijuana farmer and was “born beautiful” as well as “born stoned.” After trying out his father’s business and running into trouble with the law, he turns to a life of teaching yoga in a sexy L.A. studio filled with admiring female fan-yogis. “Yoga practice isn’t about toning your thighs, but that’s a nice bonus,” Logan reminds his students during savasana. “It’s about finding that peace within yourself and leaving calm and centered.”

OK, Logan. We’re basically with you on that.

He then instructs his students to picture themselves at the beach, and the scene cuts to Logan having… uh … relations with a female student on the sand. The rest of the pilot is more of the same, plus an overload of shots of ladies’ butts in yoga pants.

Whether it becomes a full-length series is determined by viewers’ response. And while this viewer isn’t exactly dying to watch the next episode, the pilot admittedly does a decent job of making fun of the most ridiculous yoga cliches out there. Unfortunately, the show might get more cringes than laughs. I’d personally rather watch Jason Segal do a handstand.

What do you think about a yoga-themed TV sitcom or movie? Good idea or not-so-much?