Yoga styles are always changing, but eco-friendly clothing is always in style. Next time you’re looking for new leggings or fashionable sports bras, consider one of the following yoga clothing brands. All ten of these companies are committed to sustainability and use eco-friendly materials. In a world struggling with climate change and environmental degradation, these companies are doing what they can to change the face of fashion. With clothing from these companies, you can feel as good as you look.

A guide to the sustainability scores
Each brand has been scored on an 8-point scale to determine its sustainability. Brands earn one point for each of the following: using recycled or eco-friendly materials, manufacturing in the US, using Fair Trade Certified™ facilities, using bluesign® certified materials, using certified organic textiles, and explicitly stating a commitment to sustainability on their website. The other points are earned from other initiatives the brand does for the community and the earth.


Sustainability Score: 8/8
The Overview: Probably the most well-known eco-friendly yoga brand, Prana was founded on a belief in sustainability. They use environmentally conscious materials and all recyclable packaging materials, work with Fair Trade Certified™ manufacturers, and give back in big ways. Prana has been a leading company in sustainable practices since its founding in 1992, when it was a radical idea to care about climate change. They have been doing great things, and making great clothing, ever since.

Materials used: organic cotton, hemp, recycled wool, recycled polyester
Manufactured in: Fair Trade Certified™ facilities around the world
Certifications: bluesign®, organic (textiles), Fair Trade Certified™

Other great things they do: Prana created the Natural Power Initiative to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and encourage the development of renewable energy. They are also members of the Fair Labor Association and the Responsible Forest Initiative. They donate a portion of their proceeds to Outdoor Outreach every year.

Inner Waves Organics

Sustainability Score: 6/8
The Overview: This family-owned business is all about comfort and connection to the earth. All of its clothing is manufactured in the US and made out of super soft eco-friendly materials that are designed by yogis for yogis. They use low impact dyes for their fabrics and choose coloring facilities that completely recycle their water. They use recycled paper for their hangtags, veggie-based inks and natural jute cords. Their production facility is in the process of converting to solar.

Materials used: organic cotton, environmentally friendly dyes
Manufactured in: US
Certifications: organic (textiles)

Other great things they do: They give a portion of their proceeds to the Give Back Yoga Foundation, serve meals to the homeless, and teach donation-based yoga classes.

Shining Shakti

Sustainability Score: 6/8
The Overview: The woman who founded Shining Shakti wanted to build a yoga-clothing brand for the stylish woman who cares about her impact on the earth. Shining Shakti uses organic, eco-friendly materials from farms in the US. The entire manufacturing process takes place in the US. You can feel good about your impact when wearing Shining Shakti clothing. Plus, you will look great in these psychedelic leggings and hand-dyed yoga tops. The clothes are designed to be worn from studio or gym to errands, dinner and a rock concert, all while maintaining an effortless comfort and style.

Materials used: organic cotton, organic bamboo, recycled plastic water bottles, environmentally friendly dyes
Manufactured in: Virginia, US
Certifications: organic (textiles)

Other great things they do: They dye all of their products by hand, source all of their materials from organic farms in California and manufacture their entire collection in Virginia.


Sustainability Score: 5/8
The Overview: Two NYC-based designers took their first yoga class in 2000 and talked about their dream yoga clothing line. They dreamed of a made-in-the-US-line of environmentally and socially responsible yoga clothing. They dreamed of creative designs that could be worn in and out of the yoga studio. Six years later, that dream became a reality.

Materials used: modal, recycled polyester, soy, organic cotton
Manufactured in: mostly NYC and L.A., and a few other sweatshop-free facilities around the US
Certifications: Fair Trade Certified™, organic (textiles)

Other great things they do: They are constantly creating designs that aim to remind people of their inherent beauty and goodness.

Lily Lotus

Sustainability Score: 5/8
The Overview: Lily Lotus began as a line of fashionable yoga clothing, but it has become so much more. They manufacture a wide range of stylish clothing meant for the modern, active woman. Their clothing is designed to be comfortable and easy to wear while also featuring a glamorous style and a flattering fit. All of their clothing is made in the US and the company works hard to use eco-friendly materials and sustainable business practices.

Materials used: bamboo, organic cotton lycra, organic rib, burnout fabric
Manufactured in: US
Certifications: organic (textiles)

Other great things they do: At its boutique shop in Honolulu, Lily Lotus hosts various events to inspire and empower women in their community.


Sustainability Score: 5/8
The Overview: Teeki believes in celebrating difference. Maybe that’s why their clothing features striking patterns and daring styles. They are proud to provide sustainably made unique clothing. All of their clothing is made out of recycled plastic water bottles by manufacturers in the US that hand cut, print, and sew each piece.

Materials used:  recycled plastic water bottles, other recycled and biodegradable materials
Manufactured in: US
Certifications: none

Other great things they do: They host a ton of inspiring events like free yoga classes, retreats, and yoga parties around the world.

Cozy Orange

Sustainability Score: 4/8
The Overview: The Cozy Orange mission statement is, “Live Balanced, Live Eco, and Live Cozy.” The clothing sold by Cozy Orange is urban chic style that is still practical for the active woman. With Cozy Orange clothing you can look great and feel amazing about the clothes you are wearing. Cozy Orange uses all environmentally friendly materials and holds its manufacturers to a high sustainability standard.

Materials used: supplex, lycra, recycled plastic bottles, recycled micropolyester, tactel, nylon, recycled polyester
Manufactured in: Cambodia in facilities that Cozy Orange evaluates for sustainability and eco-friendly production
Certifications: none

Other great things they do: They donate a portion of their proceeds to World Vision International and They also use recycled and reusable packaging materials.


Sustainability Score: 4/8
The Overview: SOLOW is where street style, activewear, and a commitment to the environment come together. They are dedicated to creating functional clothes that will stay in place during your yoga practice. They also value fashion and believe you should be able to move from the studio to the street without changing while still looking amazing. They produce all of their clothing in the US and use a signature fabric that is bluesign® certified.

Materials used: eclon
Manufactured in: US
Certifications: bluesign® certified

Other great things they do: They offer free fitness videos and health tips on their blog.

Earth Yoga

Sustainability Score: 4/8
The Overview: What do you get when you combine 15 years of practicing yoga with 20 years of apparel design and merchandising? A yoga clothing company that kicks butt. Noreen Austin founded Earth Yoga in 2008 with the goal of making eco-friendly yoga clothing that is both fashionable and affordable.

Materials used: recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton, rayon from bamboo
Manufactured in: unknown
Certifications: organic (textiles)

Other great things they do: All of their dyes are lead, phthalates, and heavy metals-free.

Green Apple

Sustainability Score: 4/8
The Overview: Cristofer Smith knows a thing or two about activewear. Before founding Green Apple Active, he helped pioneer 13 brands and won multiple awards for designs that fuse comfort with style. The clothing at Green Apple is made of organic and biodegradable materials. While Smith made a commitment to the environment when starting Green Apple, he did not lose his commitment to design. The clothing at Green Apple is innovative, fashionable, and perfect for the modern yogi that wants to look good and support companies that care about the world.

Materials used: natural raw materials, organic bamboo, organic cotton
Manufactured in: WRAP certified facilities that have fair labor conditions
Certifications: organic (textiles), WRAP

Other great things they do: Patented UltaSupportTM, a unique fabric that has all the  antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits of many synthetic fabrics, but is made with all natural materials.

What are some eco-friendly yoga clothing brands that you love?