While the use of playing cards and tarot decks dates back hundreds of years, using a deck of cards in yoga or meditation practice is a comparatively new practice. Use card decks in your yoga practice for inspiration, divination, instruction, and playfulness. If you teach yoga, having your students choose a card from a deck can create an opportunity for deepening contemplation and introspection. Additionally, students can use cards as cues for whether or not they want hands-on assists. In a home practice, cards can serve as an intention and guide for the practice and rest of the day. You can also draw a series of cards for the entire week to refine and plan your intentions, yoga sequences, or instruction.

108 Asanas Flashcards

You can use this expansive deck to lay out a sequence for your practice or as flashcards to memorize pose names. The clear and straightforward hand-drawn illustrations have an enduring sketchbook feel to them. Each asana card has the primary alignment cues, Sanskrit name, and English name. The front of the card has the primary category/action of the pose and the pronunciation of the Sanskrit name. At 4 inches square, these cards are easy to handle and use.

Magic & Light Affirmation Deck

This 30-card card deck is focused on inspiration, contemplation, and meditation and is great for choosing a yoga class theme. The intricate and detailed illustrations draw upon the mystical realms of dragons, mermaids, and magical beings. A simple word or phrase on the front is paired with a detailed description of the affirmations on the back. These 3.25” x 5” sized cards radiate calm and beauty and come in a reusable tin.

Cosmic Cards

Wild, wonderful, and fun illustrations fill this bright and vibrant 40-card card deck. Many of these have a photomontage feel to them or a funky retro vibe. Below the artwork is a corresponding affirmation and short quote to guide your contemplation or to set the theme for your meditation or yoga practice. These cards are slightly smaller than a standard Tarot card measuring 2.75” x 4.75”.

Dark Days Tarot

The phases of the moon, especially the darkest nights of the lunar cycle, inspired the creation of this deck. Lunar archetypes and the mystery of the unknown inspired the black and white surreal illustrations. Darkness symbolizes the subconscious, the dream world, and the unknown. Draw one or more of these cards when you wish to explore the shadow side of yourself. These 3.5” square cards have beautiful silver edges, and they come with a guidebook.

Rebel Deck

This divination deck is filled with f-bombs and other profanity to create an attitude of honesty and straightforwardness. The front of the card has a short and clear phrase or sentence, and the back has a corresponding message. These fun, bright-colored cards are 2.75” x 4.75”.

Postures of Prayer Deck

This Christian yoga deck combines cut out collage illustrations of yoga poses with alignment instructions, a Bible quote, and a message of contemplation. This 40-card card deck contains seven cards that provide basic and beginner yoga information. The remaining 5.75″ x 3.5″ asana cards are color-coded by type of pose (standing, forward bend, twist, etc.) to keep them organized and allow for a quicker creation of posture sequences.

Spark your Bliss Deck

This is a lovely yet powerful 36-card card deck of practical affirmations for women. On the back of each card, there is a focus word, a positive affirmation, journaling exercise, and supporting action steps. These small 3.5 square inch cards would also work great for choosing and developing yoga class themes.

Self-love Affirmation Cards

These handmade affirmation cards come wrapped in a leather string with a Crystal Quartz point. The 20-card card deck contains small sized (2.5″ x 4″) color cards with short affirmations such as, “My every step is one of courage,” and “I have infinite capacity for love and affection.” Draw one of these when you need a powerful and potent intention for your yoga or meditation practice.

The Moon Deck

This eco-friendly oracle deck is created with recycled paper and plant-based ink and comes in a beautiful wooden box. Each illustration is accompanied by a short affirmation such as, “I trust the mystery of life” and “Healthy boundaries keep me centered and balanced.” The deck contains 44 cards and a guidebook with instructions on a related ritual.

HuMandalas Cards

This card deck is specifically designed for connecting groups of people using guided movement, meditation, toning, and visualization. This five-step process starts by drawing a card from each of the five categories: connection, intention, cultivation, offering, and anchor. These five cards then guide the group in a meditative exercise. This hexagon shaped deck contains 52 cards with an illustration on the back that includes brief instructions of each activity. While the cards can be used spontaneously, we suggest using them for planning group experiences.