Full-time yoga photographer and videographer Alessandro Sigismondi asked his friends, followers, and subscribers to send him a candid video of their daily practice during the world-wide lockdown of Covid-19. His intention was to display “our collective effort to practice resilience, positivity, and unity in a time of isolation, fear, and division.” I think he succeeded.

Sigismondi watched over 500 videos that were submitted and he painstakingly edited many of them together in a flowing sequence of challenging and fun yoga poses. The title of his project is #weareunitedbyyoga, and watching this breathtaking video will certainly create feelings of togetherness, awe, and bittersweetness. It is also super fun to see the honesty and vulnerability of all these yogis sharing their personal practice, with many surrounded by their pets, children, and family.

Everyone was asked to submit a 1-minute video with no edits, no filters, or other changes. To make the whole video look like a seamless flow, he had to make some tough choices and sadly could not include everyone. There are a few teaser videos of early compilations of the project on his Facebook video page. The final video contains 180 videos!

Due to the inability to travel during the outbreak, Sigismondi has not been able to pursue his passion for photography. This project has allowed him to create something magical and beautiful through social media and other digital connections. Due to the amazing response he has received from the video, he has decided to launch other projects like this in the future. Sigismondi is also taking advantage of the lockdown time to develop his own online yoga photography course.

Watch the video below: