Struggling to find the perfect gift for the yogis on your list? The YogaBasics’s elves are here to save you with our annual holiday gift guide for yogis. Our gift recommendations are suitable for yogis just starting out and seasoned practitioners alike.

On the Go

Whether your favorite yogi is heading to a festival, traveling across the ocean, or just going to the local yoga studio, there’s plenty of travel-friendly gear to ease the journey.

  • Buddha Pants–These super comfy harem style pants fold up and fit into their pockets for easy packing. They’re available in fun and funky designs, appropriate for men and women, and can be worn on and off the mat.
  • Under Armour’s On the Run Tote is the perfect organizer and carry bag for all the essentials, and it’s weatherproof.
  • Copper Vedics water bottles are durable, sleek, and excellent for on-the-go hydration. Copper is naturally alkalizing and has anti-microbial properties that help prevent harmful bacteria from forming within the water bottle.
  • A yoga mat strap secures rolled mats and makes transportation easy.
  • Sachets slipped inside a yoga tote or luggage bag can keep clothes smelling fresh. Opt for scents like lavender that are soothing and double as sleep aids.

Tools of the Trade

You don’t need much to practice yoga, but having the right gear can make your practice that much easier.

  • WACCES Mat and Towel Sets–Available in a variety of bright colors, these mats are padded and portable, nonslip and extra grip. Paired with beautiful Peshtemal towels and a functional shoulder strap, this all-in-one package makes a great gift.
  • Yoga Wheels–The newest prop on the yoga scene, yoga wheels make challenging poses more accessible, provide assists for deeper stretching, and work the core.
  • WorkoutLabs Yoga Cards–With different decks for men and women, these illustrated cards provide easy to follow instructions for popular yoga poses. Each deck contains breathing exercises, a meditation card, and a “build your own sequence” card great for creating a personal practice or class.
  • Online Classes–Going to a yoga class can be intimidating for some and challenging for others who have over-packed schedules. A gift subscription to online classes is perfect for the busy or bashful yogi.


Accessorizing with jewelry or adornments is a simple way to add style to any outfit. Make your accessories symbolic or spiritual with yoga inspired designs.

  • TribeTats–A new trend in temporary tattoos offers beautiful metallic body art you can wear during or after class.
  • Inspirational Bracelets—Remembering a positive affirmation or mantra is not always easy as we get caught up in our days, but wearing one around your wrist is a fashionable way to bring the mind back to focus.
  • Copper Healing Bands–Copper is known to have healing properties and has been used in Ayurveda to balance the body. Available in simple designs or embossed with mantras, copper wrist bands are suitable for men and women.
  • Ganesh Charm Necklace–Ganesh, the rotund elephant from Hinduism, is believed to remove obstacles. Wear his image to inspire freedom and invoke wisdom and learning.
  • Japa Mala Beads–Worn as a necklace or bracelet, mala beads are more than just a fashion statement: they can function as placeholders for prayers or mantras. Choose a stone that’s especially significant to add more meaning to your gift.


Whether you’re sore from class, stressed out from the holidays, or just want to treat yourself to some TLC, try these products to turn your home into a spa or sanctuary.

  • Jane Inc. Bath Seltzers–Turn your tub into an oasis with bath seltzers. Made with essential oils, herbs, and Epsom salts, these seltzers make for the perfect after class or before bed soak.
  • Essential Oils Set–Scents can soothe, energize, uplift, and set a mood. Pair a set of oils with a diffuser to fill a room with fragrance.
  • Lotion Candles–Candles are great to focus the mind in meditation, freshen a space with scent, and now smooth the skin. Candles made from a special blend of soy, oils, and Shea butter create skin safe lotion as they melt.
  • Joint Balm–Ease sore joints with specially blended balm made to support the sockets. Choose a rub that uses natural and organic ingredients that are good for you and good for the earth.

We hope this list helps jump-start your holiday shopping. Don’t forget it’s the act of giving that matters more than anything. If you need more ideas, check out our gift guide from last year.