While it is customary to wish each other peace and happiness during the holidays, this time of year can often feel solitary and sad. Many of the featured albums in this month’s list express the yearning for joy and the embracing of solitude—enabling us to explore, express, and soothe a wide spectrum of emotions.

The Journey Tapes (Deluxe Edition) by Ed Carlsen

Inspired by the landscapes and forests of Denmark’s Ravnholm Skov, these diverse compositions by Italian-born composer Ed Carlsen easily soothe one’s soul. This new release includes five new versions reworked by other artists. All 12 tracks are beautifully composed using piano, guitar, keyboards, vocals, bass, cello, violin, and electronica beats.

Shakti Sutra by Sheela Bringi

This beautiful chant album explores traditional Sanskrit mantras and melodies through a diverse tapestry of Indian and Western instrumentation. Sheela’s soaring vocals are wonderfully contrasted by deep soulful male vocals and a potpourri of instruments (harp, flute, harmonium, bass, tabla, viola, trumpet, guitar) are masterfully composed and mixed into an enchanting weave.

Frente Bolivarista Vol . 4 – Nômades by Frente Bolivarista

If you are craving some fun, funky, and upbeat tracks to spice up your winter flow, this international instrumental compilation will fit the bill. The mixing of South American beats, strings, and grooves with lush electronica sounds produces a mysterious and shamanic vibe in these 12 tracks.

P.r.Λ.Λ.H – Chamada Remixes

If you are seeking more South American spice, check out this EP of eight remixes from this Colombian producer’s single Chamada.

Sounds of Gouni – The Journey Part I by Martin Schloegl

The Gouni, a six stringed hunter’s harp, is traditionally played for celebrations and ceremonies. These seven instrumental compositions use a repeating melody and rhythm from this West African instrument to produce a relaxing yet mesmerizing sound.

New Flow — Music for Yoga and Meditation by Trevor New

This eight track album was created and composed specifically for yoga and meditation practice. Soothing viola melodies paired with soft undulating electronic drones guide the listener towards a focused yet relaxed state of mind.

Winter Meditations by Ashot Danielyan

Russian pianist and composer, Ashot Danielyan created this album for the listener to experience “very calm, positive, and peaceful emotions.” The six spacious and soothing piano and keyboard melodies float on top of lush ambient synth pads and are perfect for playing during shavasana or meditation.