Geometries, the latest video of Ashtanga yoga teacher Laruga Glaser, is four and a half minutes of awe, inspiration and wonder. Filmed in a modern office building, the steel, glass, marble and 20 foot columns provide a striking contrast to Laruga’s radiant poise and flowing yoga practice. This juxtaposition is not at all distracting, due to the video’s visually pleasing and harmonious color palette of muted browns and whites (with a few hints of green), which includes the perfect match of Laruga’s skin tone and outfit with the minimalist architectural environment.

The creative camera angles, crazy advanced poses, beautiful soundtrack, skillful edits and Laruga’s dramatic transitions work perfectly together to produce a amazing must-see yoga video. I especially loved the dramatic long shots of Laruga practicing between the rows of columns.

Alessandro Sigismondi has filmed several other videos with Laruga, but this is the first one shot indoors and in Laurga’s home-base of Stockholm, Sweden. After working 16 years in the advertising business Alessandro quit his job and traveled to India with his wife and 1 year old son to practice Ashtanga yoga. When he started taking videos and stills of some of the yoga practitioners at Mysore, word spread quickly of his beautiful work. Three years later Alessandro now travels full-time photographing and filming yogis. If he ever tires of the gypsy life, he may settle back down and start his own yoga based ad agency.

Check out the video below: