June is a month of light. Of the twelve months, June has the longest daylight hours and even includes the longest day of the year: Summer Solstice. We find that the abundance of warmth and light throughout the month encourage openness, lightheartedness, adventure, and movement both on and off our yoga mats. We hope you find these same qualities reflected throughout this month’s radiant collection of yoga music.

光 by Ian Hawgood

This album of beautiful, soothing ambient music was created using quite a unique mix of instruments: old reel to reel recorders, a childhood piano, and a collection of vintage synths. Any of these nine tracks would be an excellent accompaniment for a gentle yoga practice, meditation or healing work.

Nocturne by Dan Caine

This instrumental soundtrack has a heavy post-rock sound but without the dramatic tempo changes and energetic drum solos typical of the genre. Layers of ambient pads, drones, and electric guitar creates richly textured compositions that “explore a vibrant range of subconscious thought and emotion.” We recommend adding tracks from this album to your yoga playlist to add a bit of energy and drive to some sun salutations or a challenging pose sequence.

Away by Realizer

These beautiful and mesmerizing compositions weave melodies of electric and acoustic guitars together with simple and sparse percussion. There is a wide range of expression and feel to these nine tracks based on the style of playing, tempo and the atmospheric effects used. This album would work well played during the slow and mellow parts of a yoga class.

Semillas by Derrok

The four tracks on this album meld layers of South American percussion and electronica into intoxicating mid-tempo rhythms. Play this album to infuse an upbeat yoga practice with the wonder and mystery of the tropical forests of the Andes mountains.

Ñuka Shunku EP by Huaira

The debut EP by Ecuadorian singer-songwriter Huaira combines electronica with beautiful vocals, soaring flutes, and percussion. The album name, Ñuka Shunku, translates as “I am pure heart,” and these compositions are heartfelt indeed—inspired by the folklore, beauty, and majesty of the South American rainforest.

Yoga Volume I by Tatono

The slow tempos and mellow beats on this album created specifically for yoga do a beautiful job at producing a deeply calming and entrancing experience. A mesmerizing mixture of gongs, crickets, chimes, and drums mingles with strings, synths, and drones to create the perfect mood for a calming yoga practice.

Incarnation – 化身 by Future Zen

These eight soft and spacious piano compositions are complemented by luscious layers of ambient drones and swells. Deeply calming and soothing, this album is a wonderful choice for bringing your yoga practice to a peaceful close or for playing during meditation or other healing arts.