As fall approaches you’ll hear a lot of yogis talking about surrendering and greeting the new season, and it’s no wonder why. Fall is a time when many of us crave tranquility and need to tap into our inner strength. Even the “in colors” of this season are meant to help us stay optimistic to embody the serenity and power many of us need right now.

The Pantone Color Institute listed “riverside” and “airy blue” as top colors of the season because of their serene and calming tones. The fall 2016 palette also includes shades of red, pinks, purples, greens, golds, and grays that will bring more confidence and elegance to your look. Check out the full color report to keep your fall yoga wardrobe on point.

Of course color is only part of the game. Follow these fall yoga fashion tips to make sure you look your best every time you hit the yoga mat.

Add a dash of sheer

With the temperatures dropping it’s time to put your yoga shorts and capris on the shelf. But wearing ankle-length pants doesn’t mean saying goodbye to feeling sexy. A big trend in the yoga scene is the sheer look. If you want to keep it hot in the cool autumn weather, opt for a pair of leggings accentuated by sheer patterns.

★ Recommended: Jala Vega Leggings. Go for the magenta to really embrace the fall look.

Bring back the poncho

Remember a few years ago when everyone had a colorful, hooded, knit poncho? Well that trend went to the wayside, but it’s come back in a new and improved way. Now ponchos are much subtler (think neutral colors and thinner fabric) and way more appealing. The ponchos look especially attractive when paired with tight leggings. They are the perfect thing to keep you warm when coming and going from the studio.

★ Recommended: Jala Cold Shoulder Poncho Top

Accessorize with gold

Though the shade changes (this year it’s spicy mustard) there is always a golden hue in the fall wardrobe. Accessorizing in yoga can be hard as jewelry gets in the way of practicing. That’s why we love the temporary tattoo trend. In summer it was all about bracelets, but your fall sleeves will cover those. Our pro tip? Use the bracelet or armband tattoos as a choker instead.

★ Recommended: Tribe Tats

It’s all about the cut

In summer backless shirts and crop tops were a hit. Obviously neither of those are ideal for fall weather, but v-neck sweaters are a bit old fashioned. So how do you embrace the funky shapes of summer while staying warm this fall? It’s all about the cut. The fashion world is still loving simple fronts with complicated backs, only now it’s moved into sweater form. So when picking a sweater to pull on over your yoga top, pick something with a fun cut or twist in the back.

★ Recommended: LVR Pullover Cowl Neck Hoodie and Glyder Deep Sea V Yoga Top

Keep quality in mind

There are a lot of fun yoga leggings with bright colors and exciting patterns, but many of them aren’t durable. When you choose leggings for the season, make sure you prioritize quality. This is especially important in the fall as you need fabric that can keep you warm when the wind is blowing but remain airy and light while you’re sweating in the studio.

★ Recommended: Hard Tail Forever Leggings

Embrace the autumn colors

I’ve already said quite a bit about what colors are in season, but one of the fun things about your yoga wardrobe is the chance to get a little more colorful regardless of the season. In yoga fashion it is totally acceptable (encouraged even) to find some funky looks that add a playful vibe to your practice. This fall that is still very in. So why not find a pair of yoga pants that shows off all the colors of the season?

★ Recommended: Buddha Pants: Red Stripes Harem Pants