The shift toward the cooler weather and shorter days of autumn requires adjustments to both your yoga practice and your yoga wardrobe. As we transition, we begin to favor asanas and clothing that help us build and maintain warmth and transition into a cozier, more introspective mindset. By choosing the right colors, fabrics, and styles, you can create a fall and winter yoga wardrobe that serves both your physical and spiritual needs. Read on for tips, plus our 10 favorite fall and winter yoga outfits for 2018!

Fall and Winter Yoga Clothing


During fall and winter, you’ll want to choose yoga tops with longer sleeves and full or 7/8 length leggings. If you practice hot or warm styles of yoga, however, it will be important to create layered outfits so that you can stay warm as you travel to and from class, but keep cool in the studio.


Try to base your fall and winter yoga clothing palette around classic shades of dark blue, black, grey and white. These colors invoke introspection, contemplation, compassion, truth, serenity, inner-peace, and wisdom.

Once you’ve collected a few basic neutral pieces to serve as outfit bases, you can start to spice up your outfits with accents of deep and bright reds, muted olive, brown and pink, and bright blues and strong purples. These accent colors bring in elements of hope, optimism, gratitude, energy, and vibrance.

Our Favorite Cold-Weather Yoga Outfits

Hanley Long Sleeve, Teardrop Bra and High Waisted Legging by Montiel

Stay warm and cozy while still showing off a sexy bit of back with this stylish combo. The lavender top is wrinkle-resistant and made with recycled Tencel fabric that wicks sweat from the body. The open back shows off the elegant back straps of the Teardrop Bra—the brand’s best selling yoga bra. The high-waisted leggings slim the body without flattening and are made from a durable yet breathable blend of nylon and spandex.[clear]

Matrix Legging and Inflection Bra by TLF

Made with ultra soft and smooth moisture-wicking, anti-microbial fabric, this top and bottom both feature boldly patterned laser cutouts. Both pieces have a concealed pocket to hold small essentials, like lip balm for those cold-weather chapped lips.[clear]

Harem Jumpsuit by Buddha Pants

If you’re looking to add a funky staple to your yoga wardrobe, check out this versatile and comfy jumpsuit made from 100% cotton. Available in five sizes and three colors, this piece is perfect for layering. The loose and flowy cut of this jumpsuit make it best suited for a slow flow, an alignment-based yoga class, or just a night out on the town.[clear]

Lotus Maxi Top and Float Leggings by Anjali

The foil print on the front of this oversized layering top will add some sparkle and style to just about any yoga outfit. The top’s wide neckline allows you to easily slip it on and off as you transition from the yoga studio to the street. We love it paired with the boldly patterned Float Leggings, which are high-waisted and made from a comfy blend of bamboo, organic cotton, and spandex.[clear]

Para Bra, Tease Long Sleeve and High Power Legging by Glyder Apparel

We love that this matching bra and high-waisted leggings set features an elegant and subtle shimmer against matte black fabric. Add some coziness and a delightful pop of color to the combo by slipping on the Tease Long Sleeve over the top. The top’s simple cutouts add a bit of interest at the front and back without compromising your warmth.[clear]

Perfect V-Neck Tee and Apex Pant by Synergy Organics

Help protect the environment in comfort and style when you wear this outfit made from organic cotton blends and dyed with low-impact dyes. The artistic ribbed pattern on the front of the leggings is perfectly complemented by the simple v-neck in your choice of white or black.[clear]

Sukha Bra and Mini Hearts Legging by Emily Hsu

You’ll be certain to smile and feel the love when you wear this fun outfit in muted pink. The full coverage of the front of the top contrasts with an elegant plunging V in the back. The seamless leggings can be worn high-waisted to flatter and elongate your torso or folded over for a comfy-casual vibe. Both the bra and leggings are made in the USA from a high performance, quick-drying stretch fabric.[clear]

Niki Sports Bra, Bow II Leggings and Hope Short Sleeved Hoodie by Sleeh 

Pop on this cute and casual short sleeve hoodie to keep your core warm as you zip to and from the yoga studio. Pair the dusty rose top with patterned leggings and a solid colored bra for the completed look. All three pieces have stylish accents that will add some flair to your autumn wardrobe.[clear]

Grace Yoga Halter and Grace High Waist Yoga Tight by KiraGrace

This simple and elegant matching set comes in a herringbone print that subtly fades to black. The top’s high neckline, double layer shelf bra, and open back give it the perfect combination of performance, coverage, and support. The full length high-waisted leggings will keep you warm without sacrificing comfort, thanks to the four-way stretch of its moisture-wicking fabric.[clear]

Luxe Sports Bra, Cuffed Leggings Crystal and Cropped Hoodie by LVR

We love the contrast in this outfit! The organic lines, loose fit, and bright white color of this hoodie; the deep, stormy tie-dye patterned leggings; and the muted burst of color from the bra top create a stunning combination. We doubly love that all three pieces are made in Los Angeles from organic cotton blends!
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