While the quest for the perfect yoga music soundtrack never ends, we hope our hours of sifting through new music will bring you a tiny bit closer towards sonic samadhi. This month’s collection features a beautiful and generous surprise by Moby as well as other sublime contributions from several lesser known electronic and ambient artists. Caution: do not listen to these euphoric soundtracks while driving or operating heavy machinery!

long ambients1: calm. sleep. by Moby

For the last few years electronic music superstar Moby has been composing ambient music to support his yoga and meditation practice. Now that he has recorded over four hours of music, he has decided to release it as a free download for everyone to enjoy these calming atmospheric soundscapes.

Sacred Grooves by DJ Taz Rashid

This 75-minute CD is not new but it was recently offered as a free download if you sign up for the artist’s email newsletter. These slow to medium tempo tracks featuring electro and acoustic world beats along with guitar, synth, vocals, and funky grooves have been specifically produced to use as a vinyasa yoga soundtrack.

Chapter Three / Warm by Kai Engel

These nine short piano-based compositions encompass a wide spectrum of emotion and feel—from cinematic, introspective, moody to joy. This is the 14th album from Engel, a young but prolific Russian composer who specializes in meditative and ambient soundtrack music, so check out his previous albums in addition to his latest release.

All The Wild Creatures by Scott Nice

Northern California producer Scott Nice has a talented ear for mixing nature sounds, world music beats, and organic and spiritual instrumentation with funky grooves. While made for the dance floor these upbeat instrumental tracks can easily be slipped into a rockin’ yoga playlist.

Luxia by Halftribe

These lush, dreamy, and tranquil soundscapes by Irish producer Ryan Bissett make an amazing soundtrack for a mellow yoga practice. Ambient and dub synths, nature sounds, vocal snippets, and chill beats create a unique and captivating palette of sound.

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