A fundamental principle in yoga is that we are only as strong as our roots are deep. In this month’s inspirational video, watch as yogi and philosopher, Ty Landum, does an ashtanga sequence of arm balances amidst ruins overgrown with roots–an environment seeming as ancient as the practice of yoga itself.

The aerial shots of astonishing yoga asanas cut with shots of the century-old scenery is more than a showcase for Landum’s balance strength and flexibility. Filmmaker Alessandro Sigismondi frequently captures the power of an ashtanga yoga practice, focusing on both quality of movement and the way the practitioner connects with the space around them to create an immersive experience. The filming, camera moves, editing, and music combine to create a dark, mystical, and absolutely stunning yoga video.

Landum’s graceful transitions into difficult postures alone will make you want to get on your mat and try out the power of ashtanga. Meanwhile, Sigismondi’s expertly shot frames will make you consider your connection with the spaces around you.

Watch Ty Landum’s Amazing Asana Arm Balance video “Yoga Roots” below: