The late summer months are a time to feel fully awake and to celebrate being fully alive. Listening to the right music can facilitate a more expansive and deeper aliveness within the world around you. This month’s selection of yoga music contains compositions to help dissolve the ego and mind—encouraging a state of transcendence and present mindfulness. May you find the perfect piece of yoga music on this month’s list to facilitate a deep state of aliveness and inner radiance.

Silolo by Robert Bob Daignault

These ten tracks from this Québec-based percussionist are beautiful, entrancing, and soothing. Performed primarily on the handpan, Daignault’s diverse compositions are complemented with an assemblage of strings, flute, percussion, and vocals. The album contains a great range of tempos to use throughout a yoga practice.

The North Wind and the Sun by The Green Kingdom

This new instrumental album overflows with a sweet, soothing, spacious, and intricate tapestry of sound. Electric and acoustic guitar, strings, kalimba, accordion, flute, and percussion combine in interesting ways to create happy and cheerful yet introspective compositions. These tracks of mostly mellow tempos work great during the slower and quieter parts of a yoga practice.

A Year at Usher’s Hill by Monty Adkins

These eleven ambient electro-acoustic soundscapes contain a beautiful blend of piano, celesta, organ, and electronics. In each composition, a gentle twinkling of keys floats above a diverse and layered base of drones and textures. Throughout the variety of musical approaches on this album, Adkins creates a clear sense of expansiveness and peace.

Pranam by Carrie Grossman (Dayashila)

Kirtan fans will fall in love with this new EP of three gorgeous Sanskrit chants. Devotion soaked vocals are combined with the enchanting sounds of steel, nylon and electric guitar, bells, frame drum, cello, bansuri flute and bass. Listen to these beautifully produced mantra lullabies at the start or end of a yoga practice to invoke a calming, enchanting and spacious vibe.

Blossom by Alan Gogoll

This acoustic guitarist from Tasmania has made our best new music list several times in the past. Gogoll’s latest album is full of his magical intricate compositions of fingerpicking and guitar thumping. These seven bright and shimmery melodies are certain to put a smile on your face and infuse your yoga practice with peace and joy.

Silent Sitar – dance in meditation by Yuho

Float in this immersive sea of sound with these slow, soothing spacious tambora drones layered with sitar, tabla, flute, synths, and percussion. These seven tracks are ideal for shavasana, meditation, and gentle yoga.

Focused Path by Marcos Ubeda

Prepare to take your asana to another dimension while listing to this new album by Spanish multi-instrumentalist Ubeda. This shamanic-world music soundscape contains a magical mixture of tribal chants, didgeridoo, guitar, percussion (shaker, frame drum, handpan) flute, organ and jaw harp.

A Grief Observed by London Country

Inspired by C.S. Lewis’ book, this ambient EP can encourage introspection and contemplation towards the end of a yoga practice. Complex layers of piano, guitar, and synths are highly processed with delays and reverb intertwine into complex and haunting drone-based compositions.