Many of the albums in this month’s list of yoga music remind me of the gentle sound of springtime rain. While the energy of spring can be calming and soothing, it’s also buoyant with promises of growth, expansion, and rebirth. We hope this month’s collection of yoga music energizes you, brings you a sense of renewal, and helps your seeds of intention bloom into beautiful blessings.

The Ironic Distance by Lowercase Noises

Composed primarily of guitar and synthesizer, these five new ambient tracks are slow, serene, peaceful and pretty. Perfect for meditation or Shavasana, these gentle waves of sound will capture your attention and smoothly guide your focus inwards.

Air & Earth Wind Chimes Meditation by Calm Whale

This beautiful hour-long ambient sound journey was composed to connect the listener with the Air and Earth elements. A deeply soothing blend of wind chimes, slow drones, and magical vocals, this track will quiet the mind and encourage the body to relax and release deeply.

Waterflowers by Volei

Dreamy and mellow, these ambient soundscapes contain multiple layers of repeating hypnotic melodies, beats, and drones. Any of these nine enchanting tracks would serve as a splendid soundtrack for a gentle yoga practice or other healing arts.

Handpan For Yoga, Op . 1 by Sila Inua

Recorded specifically for yoga, these compositions contain a simple yet engaging blend of handpan and various percussion instruments. The tempo of these tracks follows the arc of a regular yoga practice, beginning and ending slowly but with a faster pace in the middle. We look forward to future installments in this series of musical works for yoga and meditation.

Mawu by Muno

With this new four-track EP, this Argentinian producer has created a shamanic mystical journey of ancient rhythms, funky downtempo beats, electronica, Brazilian chants, and the sounds of the tropics. These songs are sure to get you moving and grooving both on and off your yoga mat.

Sadness by Jesse Brown

These slow, spacious and beautiful solo piano tracks complement a gentle yoga practice exceptionally well. While I didn’t find these compositions especially sad as the title suggests, they were quite introspective and contemplative. The reimagined version of Amazing Grace on this album would make a super sweet soundtrack for the end of a challenging yoga practice.

Means of Knowing by Neon

This ambient album’s compositions are a “constantly evolving interplay between natural and imagined sound sources.” Layers of slowly shifting synth pads combined with field recordings create a calming yet engaging atmosphere for meditation or Shavasana.