The Buddhist Drukpa nunnery is the only place in Nepal where nuns are allowed to train in deadly martial arts. A video from Great Big Story features the stories of these brave, wonderful, strong and compassionate women. These nuns practice Kung Fu three hours a day, and their skill with swords, staffs, and fans is beautiful and mesmerizing. While seeing them practice some kick-ass Kung Fu is inspiring, their stories of karma yoga, selfless service to others, is what is most moving in this video.

The Kung Fu teachings have taught the nuns to focus their minds and to put their compassion into action. Part of their service in this nunnery is to help others in need. They delivered supplies and removed the rubble in many hard-to-reach villages after the Kathmandu earthquake in 2015. They have also taught self-defense classes to the local women and they have biked 14,000 miles to protest the human trafficking of women and girls in their country.

Kung fu nun Jigme Yangchen Ghamo encapsulates the spirit of karma yoga when she says ”Helping others is my religion.”

Watch the Kung Fu Nuns video below: