Towards the end of winter, it’s only natural that a deep craving for light and warmth emerges in our hearts and souls. Once we get what we need from the stillness, silence, and contemplation that wintertime brings, the spark of extroversion begins to arise in time with spring. This natural shift from winter to spring is reflected in many of the albums we’ve chosen for this month’s list of the best yoga music. You’ll hear lots of upbeat tempos, healing sounds, and powerful lyrics, which we hope will support you as you begin to emerge from the deep inner spaces of your soul like a springtime flower.

Songcatcher by Kaitlin June

Play one or more of these twelve powerful acapella songs to set a soulful mood for your yoga practice, turning it into a moving prayer. The composer, pianist and vocalist Kaitlin June, says that the songs came to her during “moments of connection to something far, far greater than [her]” and are intended to bring embodiment, inspiration, and joy into the world.

Contingencies by Mikael Lind

These gorgeous and lush piano based soundscapes contain sweet, gentle, and soothing blends of piano, synth, and orchestral strings. All nine compositions are calming and soothing, yet with clear expressions of dramatic movement and playfulness.

Ceremonia by Joseph “Pepe” Danza

Flute, drums, guitar, bass, mbira, percussion, keyboards, and vocals create a marvelous shamanic world music sound throughout the four 16- to 20-minute songs on this album. These “Amazonian magic chants”, created in collaboration with a Peruvian Shaman and a Brazilian Shaman, would be an entrancing soundscape to enhance a slow flow or gentle yoga practice.

Erestem by Vadim Shiro

This 28-minute meditative sound-healing track is perfect for restorative yoga, shavasana, or meditation. Layers of singing bowls, pipes, bells, flutes, shakers, steel drums, and other percussion are looped through effects processors to create a beautiful and mesmerizing labyrinth of sound.

Ecstatic Kirtan and Spirit Songs by Akari Tamura

These soulful and sweet Sanskrit, Quechua, and Spanish chants are complemented by guitar beautifully played by Thailand-based yoga teacher Akari Tamura. The ten tracks on this album have mild tempos and are accompanied by drums and simple percussion, making them great additions to a slow flow or vinyasa yoga playlist.

Wonderwheel Recordings 15 Anniversary compilation

This 15-track compilation contains a refreshing variety of tempos and vibes that sets it apart from many other albums that combine world music and electronica. Play a few of these fun, funky, and spicy world music tracks to support some fast-paced vinyasa moves or even cue them up for your next dance party!

Dreams About… (Meditative Soundscapes) by Aksemetrix

Prepare to be transported to another dimension when you listen to this album of ambient soundscapes. Slow, floating synth pads and cosmic outer space sounds ebb and flow throughout these ten tracks, making them ideal for shavasana and meditation. The album also includes a bonus track that is a continuous, hour-long mix of the entire album.

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