The yoga market continues to be fast-growing, competitive and crowded. The ability to separate your yoga teaching or yoga studio services from your competitors plays a huge part in achieving and maintaining success in this field. Most teachers and studios could use some marketing tips to stand out in the crowd and become more sucessful. A detailed yoga marketing plan can help you reach a new and larger audience, grow your classes, fill your workshops, make long-lasting student connections and sustain your yoga business. Your yoga marketing should include several ways to promote your yoga offerings online, around town and in the studio.

Establish an Online Presence

You can’t expect to effectively compete in today’s digital business landscape without having an online presence. The first place a prospective customer usually looks for information regarding a place of interest is online. You want your yoga studio to show up high on the list of searches for yoga in your area.

One of the most effective ways of establishing an online presence is by designing a website. You use this platform to communicate your purpose, values, class schedule and services to potential customers. We strongly recommend that you engage the services of a professional to build a website. When working on a small budget there are still free website themes and inexpensive hosting platforms you can utilize to create your own website. is also a great resource for finding inexpensive help with creating or setting up a website.

Make sure your website has an email newsletter sign up form. Sending out regular newsletters to your list is one of the most effective ways to market your yoga services. There are many comprehensive email marketing programs that will help you collect emails, manage your newsletter list and provide easy to use templates to use.

No matter which route you take, make sure that your website has a user-friendly interface. The last thing you need is to frustrate customers as they navigate your website. Include entertaining and educational content that will captivate your visitors. Be sure to also add a clear call to action that visitors can use to easily sign up with you or contact for more information.

Another way to establish an online presence is to open up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for your studio. Use these platforms to regularly post catchy content to grab your audience’s attention. Social media platforms can also be used to communicate with your audience and gain valuable feedback. Just be sure to use a warm, upbeat and welcoming business tone when posting online.

Create an Enticing Logo

Never underestimate the power of a beautifully designed business logo. The right logo can make your studio stand out from your competitors and communicate the values and vibe of your business. For this reason, special attention must be given to the color and style of the logo. If you are on a budget there are free options to create a yoga logo design but you may want to consider hiring a professional logo designer for the best results. The right logo should be clear, memorable, and simple to understand. Together with the logo, be sure to also add a short and catchy slogan. Pick something that resonates with your target audience to avoid alienating them.

Produce Creative Content

Writing creative content is an effective way to market your yoga studio. Not everyone is knowledgeable about yoga practices. Blogs and articles are one sure way to convince those new to yoga to consider taking up the practice. Use these pieces to highlight everything they need to know about yoga. Write high-quality content, but be sure to use easy to understand terms that the ordinary person can understand. There’s no use in writing complex articles with yoga jargon that can potentially alienate prospective customers.

Consider hiring a professional photographer to take photos of your studio space and the teachers and students practicing yoga poses. You may also want to create a few captivating and informative videos to attract more clientele as well. If your budget allows, making use of e-books is also a worthwhile option to effectively promote your yoga studio.

Market Your Yoga Teachers

The success—or failure—of a yoga session often lies in the hands of your staff. Customers want results. It’s really that simple. And they’re more inclined to visit a studio where the yoga teachers are knowledgeable and have the necessary skill set required for all things yoga.

Look at it this way: if a client has never visited your studio or trained with you, how will they know if you’re any good? This is where word of mouth comes in. Clients can only know about a trainer’s track record if you effectively market his or her skills. Make it a point to highlight the teacher’s key training strengths and experiences. Make sure you ask your customers for feedback, online reviews, and testimonials of your studio and teachers.

Throw in a Few Extra Perks

Let’s face it, very few people can turn down some enticing perks. Even if your yoga trainer is awesome at what he or she does, chances are there might be someone better. To effectively lure customers your way, it’s time to add a few extra perks that’ll draw customers. Consider offering class package specials, gift vouchers or other free gifts to attract new customers.

Create a welcoming environment

If you’re working on a budget, there are still a few things you can do to spice up your studio. Create a welcoming and relaxing ambiance. This can easily be achieved by something as simple as the color of the wall paint you pick. Opt for relaxing colors, such as blue and green. Alternatively, you can add some soft and soothing music in the background.

Emphasize the Benefits

As mentioned earlier, you’re not the only one who’s providing a yoga service. The competition is stiff, so you need to give prospects valid reasons why they must sign with you. Clearly describe the yoga class styles that you offer and the potential benefits that your customers will get if they train with you. Distribute class schedules that clearly highlight the date, time, and type of classes offered. Encourage your staff to talk up the benefits of your studio, classes, and teachers to new and existing students.

Create a plan and stick with it

From the above, it’s clear your yoga marketing options are endless. You simply need to create a clear marketing plan and then exercise patience and consistency. Make sure you send a clear message to your target audience that adds value and makes them keen to join your yoga practice. Start well and you’ll see the results in the long run.

As popular as yoga might be, there’s still an endless list of things that teachers and studios can do to attract customers. Given the fact that more and more yoga studios are opening up, how do you prompt clients to come and train with you?