From newly-minted yogis just setting foot into their first class to teachers who have been helping others find their way for years, the word yoga means something different to everyone. That’s what inspired Los Angeles-based content creator and yoga enthusiast Sky Cowans to create this fun, short video. In the video, Sky asks several of her yoga friends to finish this sentence: Yoga is ________.

Cowan’s intention in creating this video was “to shine light on how those who practice yoga regularly see the practice and what it means to them and their lives.” As you watch the video, you’ll notice there is one word in particular that multiple people used to describe yoga—and we think you’ll agree with them. You’ll also get to enjoy not one, but two yoga-inspired freestyle rap responses! Finally, in the last third of the video, Sky offers a detailed and thoughtful explanation of what yoga means to her.

What does yoga mean to you? Hold your answer in your mind, then click play to see what others have to say!

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